ACHI new Home Inspections

Selecting the right HomeAchi new Schedule Inspector may be one of the most important decisions you will make. Purchasing a home may be the largest investment of your life, and you may be making payments every month for the next 20 or 30 years. Each payment is a large chunk of your monthly budget. By the time your mortgage is paid off, your children will have grown up, graduated from college and may even be married with their own home and children. You want to be sure you are not investing in a money pit.

When you hire a home inspector all are you are paying for is their education and experience. It is similar to hiring a heart surgeon. You don’t want to have a heart surgeon that was trained online or from a mail order course, or one who does not keep up to date with continuing education or not experienced with thousands of successful cases under their belt.

At ASHI Certified Home Inspector we understand you have a decision to make and it will affect your finances & family well being for a long time.

Do you select the Inspector the REALTOR recommends? Some Realtor are very good and they would want to insure you get a good inspection. While others may not be so concerned.. They don’t care what condition the home is in, all they are interested in is a fast sell and collecting their commission. So they will recommend a poorly trained “Blind” inspector. The inspector may want more inspections from that Realtor so he continues to be lax and sees no need for further their education.  Remember once you close …  the problems (the inspector overlooked) are yours, and the cost of repairs come out of your pocket rather than the seller’s. Even worst … would be,  if the inspector over looked a safety issue and someone in the family were to have a catastrophic injury or even die!

I started home inspecting in 1996 a graduate of ITA a classroom home inspection school owned & taught by Mike Casey, I have completed over 5900 inspections, I am a Gold certified member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, a National ASHI Chairperson, Past Board Member of Ohio ADavid Haught ACI, MIES, EPSHI and recipient of the prestigious Jim Thompson Award.. Most recently elected to be a National Board Director. The only Home Inspector living in West Virginia ever elevated to that national level of respect, Dave is an Author,  National speaker and at State and National conventions.  I am proud to educate and  train the next generation of inspectors.

We will schedule your inspection where it is convenient for you and your spouse to attend, this time is a wonderful learning opportunity and a  perfect  time to ask questions and learn about how  your new home operates.   If you would like to bring your parents, or friends they are more than welcomed to attend. I also will be your Home Consultant for Life, this is a valuable free service provided for our clients.

At ASHI Certified Home Inspectors, inc we thoroughly inspect your new home to insure it is a safe place for you and your family to live and make sure you are aware of all major expensive defects, if any are found.. At the end of the inspection we will discuss what I found and I will tell you “if I would let my children buy this home.”