Bacterial Inspections

Bacterial Inspections for both residential and Commercial applications including restaurants, and food preparation facilities. The contamination of our Local environments in our homes, workplaces, sports facilities, fitness clubs, schools, hospitals restaurants and other food preparation facilities for bacteria is imperative to maintaining our families health.

Bacterial contamination can be detected by a number of test performed by Certified Home Inspectors to detect salmonella, legionella, MRSA,  streptococcus, e-colli, fecal coliform, and others.

We can locate the contamination through a visual survey.

We take swab and water samples, and at the lab preform gram stain cultures, endotoxin analysis,Cryptococcus detection,  histoplasma detection.

On the spot bacterial total bacterial count  testing can be preformed where the species of bacterial contamination is not not needed but the total amount of bacteria found in a location.

This can be preformed when bacteria is high and you want an immediate answer that the high level of bacteria has been properly cleaned, this is very helpful to determine prior to retesting and having to wait on lab results that could take 24 to 48 hours to receive your results.