Senior Home Safety Inspections

As the population of the United States ages and their children migrate to larger metro areas to be gainfully employed and the cost of assisted living it has become a trend for seniors to live alone at home.

Senior Home Safety Inspections are designed to address safety issues to make the home environment a safer place to live. When one becomes older it becomes harder to complete routine maintenance task.  Some task have become extremely difficult and other just dangerous, like climbing on a ladder to change the smoke detector battery, changing furnace filters when the filter is in the crawlspace or attic. Knowing where GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) receptacles are required and updating. Installing Arc Fault breakers (AFCI) in older homes to help prevent electrical fires, installing carbon monoxide detectors or combustible gas detector if they have a gas stove.

Many senior deaths start with a simple fall resulting in a broken hip or limb, they go into the hospital and start the downward spiral of complications, including pneumonia and bacterial infections like streptococcus. A simple secure graspable handrail on stairs, bathroom grab bar, or someone that can regularly come into the home to change filters, smoke detector batteries fix a small water leak under the sink to insure mold that can be allergenic, pathogenic, carcinogenic and even toxic don’t get started. Most Importantly just to check and make sure the home is a safe place to live.