Phase Inspections – New Home Construction

Very often, purchasers of newly constructed home believes that there is no reason for their new home to be independently inspected by a licensed certified home inspector when the foundation is poured, at the pre-drywall stage and / or just prior to closing, by a competent private sector professional building inspector. After all, new homes are so beautiful …
Buyers may believe, due to the local building inspection department having inspected the house on multiple “mini-inspections” during its construction, that nothing could have been missed.  Or, they may feel that because the builder or developer is providing some type of warranty, that it will cover everything.  Unfortunately, this is not always true… .and when it is true, it usually costs more time and especially frustration to repair a defect if your furniture and other possessions are already in the home.   And…. If the defect is a structural, plumbing or a roof leak……well, you don’t even want to think about it!  Although local building department inspectors usually have your best interest in mind, they neither catch everything nor do they inspect the roof, per our experience and research. If your home is built outside city limits of a municipality that has inspectors, you are on your own, and at the mercy of a contractor or sub-contractor’s corner cutting, money saving short cuts. You should also know that manufacturer warranties do not cover every component for every condition which might affect them. The simple fact is that a new home many times has more problems than a ten year old home! We are here for your peace of mind!
Usually, builders and developers have a greater incentive to make repairs or corrections before closing, to get their money. An independent inspection by Certified Home Inspectors prior to closing will help you find defective components, improper installations or other new construction issues and will also provide you with very valuable maintenance information to help you manage maintenance costs and help you better understand the workings of your home for years to come. Unlike most other Home Inspection companies, as part of the Phase Inspection we also re-inspect the home eleven months after the closing (while still under the 12 month builder warranty) to list any items the builder may be responsible to repair.
Below are some of the conditions and defects that have been found while conducting
these phase inspections and new finished home inspections:
• Missing attic insulation or no attic insulation
• Improper wiring; defective GFCI’s or electrical outlets missing bonding and grounding, reversed polarity.
• Roof leaks; damaged roofing; improper flashings; damage shingles, incorrect gutter slant to      downspouts.
• Damaged or loose plumbing components; plumbing leaks, CSST (flexible gas lines) bonding.
• Reversed hot and cold water lines
• Poor installation of stud walls, siding and or structural components
Damage to structural components by sub-contractor electrical, plumbing & HVAC is common!
• Windows installed incorrectly; damaged windows; seal & calking issues
• Gas fireplace exhaust flue installed upside down & not connected; gas leakage
• Loose or missing stair railings; improperly constructed stairways
• Improper soil grading
• Missing hardware; incomplete trim work
• Improperly secured cabinets; damaged cabinets
• Leaking appliances, moisture in the crawl space, improper attic ventilation that results in mold growth and premature deterioration of the shingles.