Ohio Home Inspections

Screening For Problems:
All homes have strong and weak points; they are not always what they seem. Gain the perspective and sound information you need to make better decisions with a home inspection. A good home inspector works through a very long checklist of inspection items to identify the major and minor deficiencies in the home. A good report will clearly describe the problems and illustrate them with color photographs along with a description of why the repairs needs to be made and how-to do the repairs. David Haught, ACI, EP is a retired Master Plumber and licensed Electrician and has the in depth construction knowledge to professional advise you.
Provide Buyers Benefits:
The professional certified home inspection is the best way for potential home buyers to effectively evaluate the risks and any potential cost of a property purchase. A major concern of home buyers is being suddenly confronted with major (and costly) problems after they take possession of a property. A pre-closing home inspection can reduce anxiety by screening for problems and itemizing them in a comprehensive report. The report will advise of repairs, safety issues and recommendations of useful upgrades to the property. The general result of a professional home inspection is that property buyers make significantly more informed purchases. In 90% of the Home Inspections Certified Home Inspectors preform they disclose many time the cost of the inspection, that without a home inspection the buyer would be stuck with after closing
Provide Sellers Benefits:
Home sellers who are planning to make improvements to their homes in order to increase its market value would be well advised to have it inspected first, and after the improvement to insure the improvements meet code requirements. A home inspector can help prioritize home improvements and offer advice on the best ways to approach repairs. More importantly, an inspector can help the seller identify potential or undiscovered problems before those problems become material for contract re-negotiations, reducing the selling price. By taking a pro-active approach one can avoid the frustrations many sellers encounter when they are asked to re-negotiate and reduce their contracts because of unanticipated problem areas.
Many people without specific home inspection credentials offer services. In Ohio where there is no licensing, no exams, no required education. In West Virginia you can take a 2 week course, take an exam, send the state $100 and without any experience start preforming home inspections  Likewise, credentials are not always what they seem. Engineering and architectural credentials alone do not prepare anyone to competently inspect homes and communicate the findings. A helping attitude, good communication skills, mature judgment must supplement technical competence, but continuing education and experience doing home inspections cannot be substituted. David Haught ACI, EP has over 5,000 inspections and every year has over 100 hours of classroom advanced training. Plus Dave teaches home inspectors across the United States, at local, state, national and International conferences. Dave has reached both the Gold National and Platinum Ohio ASHI levels,  the highest levels of accomplish in both organizations.