About Us

Our Home inspection company was established over a decade ago, over these years Certified Home Inspectors, LLC and David Haught, ACI EP has become one of the leading Home Inspection Companies in the Nation. David has become an Nationally known Home Inspector, Teacher, Lecturer and Business Coach across the United States and Canada

As a retired WV Master Plumber and Licensed Electrician he has the in depth knowledge to understand and find deficiencies. He takes a common sense approach to inspecting your home. When you hire a home inspector, all you are paying for is the inspector’s Time, their Knowledge, education and experience…. Nothing Else! While a home inspection is a visual inspection and if the home is not new construction, it is not a “code” inspection.Because code changes every 3 years But the Code is the basis of every inspection. If your home inspector does not have a thorough knowledge and understanding …. how can they preform a competent inspection. Ask your inspector if they are a member of the West Virginia Code Officials Association, International Code Council, The International Association of Electrical Inspectors, the National Fire Protection Association, and a Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, Gold Level (See Dave’s CV)

We provide a thorough and accurate inspections of your home and a detailed written report with color photos and video plus free home consultations for life. With all that said, our most important service is to have the knowledge of building codes to find issues in your home that can make it a  “Money Pit”.  We take our role very seriously, while many other home inspectors “grandfather” safety issues based on the homes age. WE DO NOT GRANDFATHER SAFETY ISSUES! If it can hurt, harm or even kill you, a member of your family or your children, it will be an issue that must be repaired before closing.

I never want to pick up a newspaper and read that a family lost their father, mother or a child because I did not have the backbone to stand up for what is RIGHT! You can rest assured… I will Never Grandfather a safety issue.

Certified Home Inspectors has thrived during the current down turn in the real estate market by providing thorough and accurate home inspection and solving problems for our clients by providing common sense solutions. Most of our referrals are from happy satisfied clients.  Once you become one of our clients, we will become your home consultant for life. If it is Two minutes, two days, two weeks, two years, even ten years or longer after your inspection you can call us any time. It is our commitment to you, we don’t disappear once you pay for the inspection and get your report …this is a. Free service!  If you want to experience a truly different, enjoyable and education experience Schedule your appointment today.